Unfortunately COVID-19 forced us to cancel the preparations we had made for our 2020 convention in Pinellas County, but we are looking forward to holding a brief virtual convention after the holidays! This is a formal business meeting for FYD where we will be discussing amendments to our Charter as well as hear from some of our elected from across the state.
This will not replace the 2021 Convention, which we hope to have in person later this year if safety guidelines allow us to gather without jeopardizing the well being of our members. We will have more information regarding these plans as we move into the New Year.

What We Do

We work as advocates for policies and opportunities that benefit all Floridians by educating elected officials, voters, and neighbors.

Our organization prioritizes building a bench by identifying, recruiting, and supporting the next generation of leaders throughout Florida.

The members of FYD are dedicated community activists who make calls and knock doors. We get it done to get more Democrats elected.

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Who We Are

The Florida Young Democrats (FYD) are the official chartered chapter of the Young Democrats of America in the Sunshine State. We are a political organization dedicated to securing the future of the Florida Democratic Party by providing county chapters with resources to engage young voters. Together we encourage Young Democrats to become leaders in their communities, develop the next generation of Democratic voters, and ensure youth turnout for local, state, and national elections.


We keep ourselves busy by organizing our annual Lobby Days trip to Tallahassee, hosting and annual convention, providing FREE trainings to members and candidates, educating our peers on issues, and participating in the political discourse around us. Our amazing local chapters spearhead community organizing efforts, protest, canvases, volunteer activities, and more! We are a community. We are organized, we are engaged, we are the next generation of leaders and we are here to stay.